Getting finance for business in the current economic climate can be a challenge, whether you want to get a startup fund, capital for expansion or money to hold on during tough times. However, because of the current political affairs securing a fund has become tough as ever. Therefore, we are here to help you find the best financing option for yourself. We want to help you small business to make better financial decisions.

Crowdfunding - Receivables Factoring

It is essentially a quite popular type of financing in today’s market. You do not need to give away equity or even reimburse the money. There is a complete science to raising capital through crowdfunding sites.

It is a transaction where a business sells their accounts receivables to a third party. The selling business gets less money compared to what they are owed (a discount), however, it is a great way to grow cash for your business.

Payroll Services

Searching for the best finance service to process your payroll completely depends on what you want the finance service to do for your business. Payroll services do a lot more than just transferring money to your workers. They can process, file and pay all your taxes related to payroll, the right payroll service can help you save a lot of time and cash, by paying them to do what they do best.

Equipment financing:

It is one of the easiest methods of obtaining a business loan with bad credit. Any equipment that you purchase or lease with the loan will double as collateral, which makes these loans easy to qualify for. In case you decide to go down this route, then you will have to keep the equipment in great working condition, and remember, do not utilize the loan on equipment that might soon become outdated or otherwise, you could find yourself making payments on unusable equipment.

Invoice factoring

This type of finance is another interest-free option. If you have any unpaid invoices, then you can sell those invoices to a lender in order to obtain an up-front amount (generally 70%–85% of the loan). You will get the rest of the amount after the buyer pays. This financing option can enhance cash flow, and you do not have to wait for clients to pay. Nevertheless, if a client fails to pay an invoice, then you may find yourself dealing with the collections.

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