Every small business tries to come up with unique ways of marketing strategies to get ahead of their competitors. even though the conventional methods of marketing any service or product are still relevant however using the old methods with new strategies can help in reaching out more audience. furthermore, you have to know where your potential customers are online. then you can target social networks particularly to get the attention of your target audience. in this article, we are going to talk about some of the best marketing strategies which can help small business.

1.Pair your strategy with the Google AdWords

Google AdWords is an old and proven online marketing strategy. it might be a bit on the costly side however it is competitive and if you master it then you can explore all of its benefits to your advantage. if you do your own page SEO perfectly then the Google AdWords can deliver you the relevant search results to drive traffic.

Google locates a quality score to your ad according to your CTR (click through rate) and depending on the amount of traffic which your page gets. your bid cost will eventually be increased if your ads call score Higher. with AdWords, you can get results immediately. if you want maximum output then it would be a good idea to pair this marketing tool with your own marketing strategies.

2. Use social media

Most of your target audience is on different social media platforms these days. majority of the target audience is using one or another type of social media for customer support whether it is email or messaging. as a small business owner, you must be present at all these major social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. you have to make sure that you devote time to grow the audience of your social media. a lot of clever marketing professionals devote their time and investment in building their social media presence. therefore, you need to find out which social media platform your audience uses more and then you can make a special marketing plan to target such platforms.

3.Create Facebook Ads

Another great advertising strategy is Facebook advertising which can benefit small businesses a lot. if you are an owner of a small business then FB can be an inexpensive platform to reach your target audience. you can place ads on Facebook to target a particular type of group based on their location, age, sex, online behaviour etc. as a small business, this should be on top of your marketing strategy. you don’t need experienced people to use these social platforms for marketing. there are just a few steps such as making a catchy headline and inserting a good description with an image and a link to the ad is good enough to get the attention of your audience to your business. Facebook ads manager can guide you in creating, running and testing several tests so that you can have the add formula which captures the attention of your customers.

4. Use Google My business

One of the best marketing strategies for small business is to use Google My Business (GMB). this strategy of business listing can get you a promotion on the GMB. if your business wants to target local markets then this platform is quite a powerful marketing tool. all the listings appear at the top half of the search page ahead of the search results. therefore, you have to try to get your business in the top listings. in case you are marketing team can get your business listing in the top three listings then you are bound to get a lot of traffic on your site which can bring you a lot of business without even spending money on ads.

Google My Business combines all of the Google marketing tools, for example, Google Plus, Google Analytics, Google reviews, Google maps, and Google Insights. Google My Business is a credible way to make sure that your potential audience takes notice of your small business more often. furthermore, you don’t have to work hard to rank your Google My Business listings higher. all you will need to do is to optimise your profile and then get a few reviews and citations for your small business.

5.Email marketing

Email marketing is a time-tested method to convince your customers about the usefulness of the product or service that you offer. you have to keep in mind that a lot of people need to have more information and require more convincing before making a decision. in order to collect the email addresses of a potential consumers you will have to offer them something enticing like a free download, coupon, a free service trial, a seat at a webinar and so on. whenever an individual subscribes to your free of things you can include one more member to your email list. email marketing is a very low-cost strategy which you can use to improve the Global reach of your business. you can easily send emails in an automatic way without worrying about wasting your time. you can set up emails and establish communication with your customers immediately.

6.Direct mail marketing

Direct mail marketing is a traditional method of business promotion. a lot of small businesses use this technique effectively. as online platforms already have a huge amount of content most people want to be engaged in a different way. however, you have to make your direct mail quite attractive in order to draw the attention of your participants. you should start by creating an eye-catching envelope design. you need to make it appear bulky so that when anyone opens at it satisfies their curiosity. you can use all the tricks like creating a unique shape of an envelope. using attractive colours, making envelope lumpy in order to Grab attention. you have to make sure that the letter inside of the envelope also has compelling content if you want to get the best results. from the headline to the main body of the letter, everything needs to send your message to the reader.

7. Advertise in print media

Print media like magazines and newspapers have a huge readership. a well-reputed newspaper can reach to a massive amount of people from different social and educational backgrounds. in fact, newspapers are read by almost all the section of the population. this means that your ad can reach the attention of people who depend on print media for getting news. a lot of retail customers take their buying decisions based on the information which they get from newspapers. as an owner of small business, you can afford to place ads in print media since its rate has decreased immensely over the years. you have to make sure that you combine print media with the online marketing strategies as well for best results.

8.Partner with other brands

Small businesses can reach out to more people by partnering with other brands. this is an efficient way of marketing your services and products since you are using the customers of their brands for promoting your own products. for instance, if you are a beautician then you can reach a hairstylist with the proposal of offering free manicure to their clients. this way you will be getting a free advertisement of your business through the ready made clients of the other brand. similarly, if you have a coffee shop then you can provide free vouchers to other businesses.

9.Explore content marketing

You have to create relevant content which showcases your business values and the care that you take to resolve individuals’ problems with your products and services. then you can distribute the content through a variety of channels online. this way of content marketing has proven to be attractive to drive traffic towards your office from several sources. but you must have some patience since the results will take time to materialise. the content marketing needs to be your strategy for sustainable growth for customers and visitors of your business in the long term. however, you have to make sure that you produce quality content on relevant topics. you must also optimize the content for SEO and readers.

Along with the written content you need to pay equal attention to online courses, videos, infographics, podcasts and a lot of other forms of content. you have to note that content marketing is not just about writing and then distributing big post. however, you must make sure that you formulate a perfect content marketing plan, particularly for your small business.

10.Explore webinars

Webinars have also been seen by marketing experts as a potential strategy to capture an audience to your business. The webinar is a seminar which is conducted online in various forms like a demonstration, presentation, and discussion. often the Clever marketers use webinars in order to generate larger email list. people who join the webinar must give their details, for example, their phone number email and name. hence your small business can produce a huge number of emails this way. you can then use all the emails to promote your own services and product. webinar marketing strategy is absolutely a great way to promote your small business steadily. in comparison to simple videos, a webinar is far more engaging since it has life question and answers session for the subscriber. when the subscribers get their answers to the queries they feel special and satisfied.

11.Offer incentives to your employees

You have to use your own staff to promote your business. this is also a great marketing strategy to get new consumers. your staff knows everything about your business more than the outsiders. since they know your service and product Inside Out. you just have to offer them a few incentives. such as you can offer financial rewards to the Employees who referred new customers or bring in new business. you can also offer other incentives for example vouchers for restaurants, memberships, movies etc.

12.Promote on coupon deals

Coupon deal sites have a huge number of potential target audience. you have to explore marketing opportunities presented by the big Coupon deal sites, there are big businesses which offer limited-time discounts to their members on the site. you just target the local advertising on the coupon deals site. your brand awareness between the audience can increase in several ways and you will get new customers who will be searching for your business. remember that your main goal of using coupon deal sites is not earn any profit and sales. the sole purpose for this is to generate awareness about your products and services by encouraging the audience to try your product.

13.Help others by offering a free consultation

People want help from experts. you can utilise this need for help by offering people expert views on a problem for free. if you can position yourself as an authority than you can provide free consultation which will help you in generating new leads. the people who require your expertise on a service or product will get impressed by a free service. in return, a lot of them will actually buy your products and services as their way of thanking you. by providing free consultation you are actually helping your potential consumers in making the right decision. furthermore, you can also use referral software through which your customers can refer your company to others. using this marketing tactic will work more effectively if your small business provides expert services of high price products which need an informed buying decision.