If you have switched to VoIP phone system and you are wondering which type of hardware you would need for making calls then you have to worry no more because in this article we are going to talk about different types of VoIP phones. VoIP Technology provides you customisation and flexibility. Therefore, you will have a lot of alternatives when it comes to calling devices. VoIP phones range from big, speakerphone units which are dedicated for conference calling to small, Bluetooth connected speakers which are built for mobility.

Know your budget

Just like with any other business decision your selection of VoIP phone will also depend on the financial budget a lot. If you are a small business owner with just a few employees then you cannot afford, nor would you need a costly VoIP hardware. However, a large business corporation which has offices around the world can afford to spend millions of Pounds on upgrading the phones to support VoIP technology. Despite the budget, the main thing that you must remember is that not all employees or desks will need a corresponding VoIP Phone. VoIP Technology enables you to use several different kinds of hardware. You do not have any restricted guidelines about a single individual having multiple VoIP phones or a big unit being shared between a whole team.
You can buy different kinds of VoIP Phone based on your needs, departmental requirements and your business logistics. Hence the marketing department might require VoIP compatible mobile phones. The administrative team may like desk phones better whereas executives may want multiple devices including personal mobile phones or headsets etc. Additionally, you can buy speakerphone units which are designed for conference calling among large groups.

Types of VoIP phone

VoIP adaptors

Suppose you do not have the financial budget to upgrade the majority of your phones simultaneously. However, you also want your team to start using the VoIP phone service, so you can cut down your communication cost. VoIP adaptors can allow you to use analog phones with the latest technology. The VoIP adaptors have ports for traditional phone lines along with Ethernet connections. These adaptors can route all calls from landline to mobile devices with no manual intervention of VoIP providers and vice versa.

Cordless phones

Cordless phones combine the functionality of traditional desk phones with the mobility provided by small devices. These phones cost much less compared to their counterparts. however, that is just because you do not require a base to pair with them. A base unit is used to connect multiple devices but depending on the hardware model. The more expensive the unit the more devices it can handle and provide a better range. A lot of businesses do not bother with cordless phones, rather they opt for popular smartphones which are favored by most employees.

Desk phones

Desk phones which are SIP compliant look and function like the traditional analog phones. Majority of these phones feature some type of LCD screen to display information along with few Programmable buttons and a dedicated microphone/speaker to make sure the audio quality is clear. The price of these phones can go up to hundreds of pounds however there are some models which start at £50 if you have a tight budget. The more expensive desk phone model has bigger screens, better speakers and advances support so they can handle multiple lines and conference calls etc.

Mobile and computer devices

Certainly, you do not require a dedicated VoIP device to make phone calls. Your employees can make calls through VoIP service from their business or personal phone, tablet or even their laptops. Whilst smartphones have a dedicated speaker and microphone for audio calls, you might need a headset for desktop or laptop. The audio headsets can be wired or wireless. the wireless headsets usually use Bluetooth to pair with hardware for making and receiving calls. VoIP service providers offer several dedicated apps over multiple mobile operating systems including IOS and Android. While others may set up their services so that you can install any app of your choice on your phone system. All you have to do is enter the rights account credentials in order to start calling.

VoIP accessories

Other than these standard VoIP devices, there is an extensive range of accessories which you can utilise to improve the productivity of your workflow. There are a number of business VoIP hardware that comes with an expansion module to enable some specific features. For example, your administrative team might want access to Programmable function buttons, so they can route incoming calls or handle the phones on behalf of some senior executives.
Just like many other products with VoIP phone you will get what you pay for. Generally, the costlier models have a better sound quality which lasts longer. However, keep in mind that there is no need to buy costly VoIP phone to use VoIP phone services. You can just buy a phone which meets your business needs today and can upgrade later.